Inspiring Creation

I have found myself in awe of all that surrounds me for quite some time now.  God's creation is mind blowing in its beauty and vast complexity, though we really only know what we see, hear and read.  There is so much more to His creation that we will never know in our lifetime.  

Sometimes I get caught up thinking about how intricate the human body is.  How does the mushy content in our head store memories?  How is it that we see things and hear things?  Or that we know that we see and hear things?  Seemingly simple things like how we know to breathe and to eat or when to wake up.  It's fascinating to think about just how complex the human body is alone not to mention every other element of creation in our solar system.

Take, for instance, the perfect location of the earth to the sun.  Only at this distance can life on earth be possible.  Any closer and it would be too hot for life to survive.  Any further and it would be too cold.  

The creatures of the earth know how to survive and care for their young.  

Plant life replenishes itself each year when the earth recovers from winter.  

It's captivating when you think of it all.

So much of this fuels the lyrics and drive behind the songs I write for corporate worship.  Just being struck by all of God's creation and how much more there is to it than my mind can comprehend.  There are other things that grip me and cause me to write but I continue to be captured by all that surrounds me.  

Do you take time out of each week to reflect on God's creation?

What about our Creator are you in awe of?

Share your thoughts.